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Invention of TV

The introduction of TV technology decades ago was a thing of genius. It revolutionized communication and entertainment for the whole world. The simplicity of interacting with this communication tool made it easy to use by virtually anyone, from babies to the old.

webChannel® Features


Unique Identifier

A patented, unique identifier is assigned to each webChannel and makes it easier to access the webChannel content directly. This removes any confusion that is experienced by users trying to access a website.

Exclusive Page

The webChannel is an exclusive page that displays your content only. No competitors trying to lure potential customers on your page. All the benefits of a webChannel go directly to you.

Video Manager

The webChannel is powered by a world class video publishing system. This video publishing system processes new videos, encodes them and organizes them using unique video number identifiers.


Engage Your Audience

The webChannel platform is a 2-way communication system that allows your audience (customers, clients, employees e.t.c.) to respond to your content through our proprietary AskUs feature.


With advancements in computing technology, we can now better target your message to specific geo-locations and also provide information about where your visitors are geographically.

High Security & Support

Secure communication is our top priority. Our platform is built on secure cloud servers and a layer of fast, protected end-points.